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Why Mobile Credentials Are Important to a Growing Practice

Remember when you needed separate keys or cards for everything you did? You kept keys on a keyring, or cards in a wallet, pulling each out depending on where you were and where you were going.

But wallets and keyrings can be lost or misplaced. Depending on your lifestyle, you could end up with a pocketful of entry tools, one each for every single thing you needed access to.

5 Most Common HIPAA Violations Healthcare Providers Face Regularly

As a medical provider, how often do you think about the impact of HIPAA on your standard policies and procedures? Are you handling protected health information according to guidelines? Or are you putting data and information in compromising situations daily?

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the five most common compliance issues investigated include:

Impermissible uses and disclosures of protected health information
Lack of safeguards when dealing with protected health information
Lack of patient access to their protected health information
Lack of administrative safeguards when dealing with protected health information
Lack of technical safeguards when dealing with protected health information

As a response, the American Medical Association has created a Patient Records Electronic Access Playbook to aid in helping medical professionals define the roles they have in sharing and safeguarding patient health records.

Patients Think You’re a High Security Risk If Your Practice’s Website Is Out Of Date

It’s hard to imagine being in business these days without a website.

Web design trends change quickly, and if you’re not staying on top of critical changes, it may be costing you more than you think.

While a great website can attract new clients, as it becomes outdated, it can deter people from trusting you, including existing patients.