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Are Your Outdated Firewalls and VPNs Impacting Your Security?

Watching the news can leave you doubting your security plans, and wondering if you’ve done enough to protect your IT assets.

Even those businesses that take IT security seriously and stay on top of current trends can fall short. Imagine those companies that don’t.

A recent Cybersecurity Magazine study found:

43 percent of all data breaches involve small and medium-sized businesses
61 percent of all small businesses reported at least one cyber attack during the previous year
83 percent of small and medium-sized businesses are not financially prepared to recover from a cyber attack
91 percent of small businesses haven’t purchased cyber security insurance and are unaware and unprepared to deal with security breaches

Are you starting to feel uncomfortable?

Today’s state of the internet

Over the past decade, we’ve moved from on-site systems to cloud-based applications.

Is That Video HIPAA Compliant?

Video is becoming a big part of our lives.

We post short clips on our social media feeds.
We store live data in our security systems.
We use telehealth practices to meet with patients.
We market our practices with stories and information.

Is all of that data HIPAA compliant?

Understanding HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires all healthcare organizations and practices to ensure the privacy of their patient’s protected health information (PHI). At all times, no matter what type of information is gathered, healthcare providers must ensure personal data covered by HIPAA isn’t released or compromised without proper approval.

Anonymize Your PHI With These Strategies

Managing your EHR data can sometimes feel all-consuming. Are you doing everything in your power to keep your data safe and secure?

According to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, restrictions only apply to individually identifiable protected health information (PHI). If you can de-identify PHI so the identities of individuals cannot be discovered, PHI can be freely shared.

There’s a New Threat That Makes Medical Devices Vulnerable

Log4j is a tool used to help a programmer create output log statements to a variety of output targets. When you have a problem somewhere in the system, this tool is useful to have a log of data to sort through to help locate the issue. It’s part of the open-source library, meaning it’s used across many popular apps and websites, and is located on potentially hundreds of millions of devices across the world.