How To Create a Security Culture For Your Practice

According to the Information Systems and Control Association (ISACA), security culture is defined as:

"a pattern of behaviors, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and ways of doing things around the information security within an organization."

It impacts an organization’s knowledge base and perspective about the way they make decisions on everything:

Your BYOD (bring your own device) policy
Your patch policy
Your hiring policy for the IT department
Your purchasing policy for updating systems and technology

What does your security policy say about you?

The real purpose of creating a security culture

Why should you concern yourself with increasing security culture in your practice? Common sense says it’s to make technology more secure.

Will IoT Gadgets Betray You And Put Your Practice At Risk?

It’s fun to play with new toys. And a trip to any store, even the hardware store, can find you rushing home with your bag of goodies. 

IoT gadgets are hard to resist. Can they really become smarter as you use them? Can you control things with just a touch of a button? 

When you find something you like to use at home, it only makes sense you bring it into the office.