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Ransomware Is Rising – Are You Prepared?

Why did you get into the business you’re in today?

To help people
To make a difference
To change the world

We all have something inside that pushes us into our careers. We stay with a job for what it brings to our lives.

Yet unless you’re in IT and love digging into code, chances are you’ve never had a desire to deal with the problems that security breaches present.

Adopting a Multi-Cloud Strategy? How’s That Working For You?

Using multiple cloud providers to operate your practice is no longer optional; it’s required for sound business practices. Instead of bringing everything in-house, it makes more sense to use cloud-based solutions to help you through your busy days.

A HIMSS Analytics survey found that 83 percent of healthcare practices already use cloud-based services regularly, with 35 percent of them using a multi-service platform for at least half of their data and infrastructure.