Overcoming The Top Challenges of Moving Your Senior Living Facility To The Cloud

What does the future look like? There’s no shortage of futurists talking about their beliefs. But you don’t have to look very far to notice healthcare is one of the fastest-changing industries. Studies like Mercer’s US Healthcare Labor Market show shortages are in every role, especially in lower-wage positions such as medical assistants and health aides.

That can be bad news for senior living facilities. Chances are, you’re feeling it already. With the senior population growing faster than the employment population, future struggles are real.

How can technology help? Sit down and have a conversation with your staff. How much time do they spend in care roles? How much time do they spend sitting at a desk?

Anywhere they struggle with technology is a place where even minor improvements can have a lasting impact.

Why moving to the cloud benefits your senior living facility

Whether you’ve looked into cloud services or not, there are some real benefits to moving to the cloud.

  • Accessibility - cloud applications can be used anywhere you have internet access, with any internet-connected device.
  • Automation - many weaknesses you face daily can be automated by moving to the cloud. Upgrades, patches, and better protection will all be handled seamlessly without individual interaction.
  • Flexibility - as your needs change, you can move to new services, or applications without significant, upfront costs.
  • Savings - tired of buying hardware? Cloud computing allows you to purchase the services you need without the hardware necessary to support it. It can save on labor costs, too, as you won’t need someone on staff to support it.
  • Security - if your data is no longer on-site, it has less risk of being stolen or compromised.

Do you believe these challenges are impacting you?

People don’t like change. We prefer things to stay the same.

A Deloitte study found that 60 to 70 percent of large-scale change efforts fail. People have a natural resistance to change. We feel overwhelmed with it. We fight it. And whenever possible, we avoid implementing.

Just knowing this can change resistance to cloud implementation.

Challenge #1 - I already have a system; why change it?

Whatever systems you use now are familiar to all who use them. Even if they’re sluggish, outdated, and don’t provide the complete service you need, people use them and get the job done. It might be manageable, but it doesn’t create an environment for growth and sustainability.

There is no way around it. You will have to step back and make the decision to move to the cloud to make it happen. That involves analysis of what’s already in place, finding what will work better, and bringing every employee on board to improve efficiency across the board.

Challenge #2 - The cost is too great

You’re already in budget mode, thanks to the current economy. Why deliberately spend more money to move to the cloud?

Here’s the thing: You don’t know what you don’t know. If you start pricing out individual systems and strategies, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the cost. Partnering with a strategist who is knowledgeable about moving to the cloud, and understands the intricacies of running a senior living facility, has the advantage of being able to point you to the right way to bring about changes.

Consider this: you don’t “buy” cloud space but “rent” it instead. You don’t pay for the upfront costs of new equipment, hardware, and software. Instead, you pay monthly for the services you truly need.

Challenge #3 - It sounds risky

Welcome to the unknown. When you’re unsure of what something new offers, it’s easy to come up with a list of associated risks. A poorly designed cloud system can open the door to risk, possibly making your entire strategy less secure. By partnering with an expert, you start with the big picture, and ensure every aspect of your new strategy is in place.

Frankly, one of the biggest risks we see is looking at clients who take a DIY approach. Without skilled knowledge of how entire systems work together, it’s easy to set up a system without stellar service.

Your greatest risk comes from a bottom-up, simplistic approach.

Big-picture thinking allows you to experience successful deployment with your overall cloud strategy. Having a guide along the way can put your greatest fears into check, providing you with ways to bring every employee on board.

And give you a better chance to fully utilize the skills of every employee you bring on board.

Welcome to the future. Technology will be a key. What’s your approach?

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