Is Your Data Ready For The Next Disaster?

Is Your Data Ready For The Next Disaster?

No matter where you are in the world, natural disasters are no longer a “once in a lifetime” event. They seem to be coming with more frequency. Hurricanes. Typhons. Tornados. Earthquakes. Flooding. Fire. 

While your area may be relatively safe from these damaging events, your business may still be at risk. How?

It’s your data.

We no longer live in a world where our files are kept on site. Your data is stored on servers outside of your location. Using third-party systems means your information is out of your immediate control. And while you do have to think of security in terms of how well these outside companies lock data away from hackers, it’s also important to remember that disasters come in all shapes and sizes. 

Where’s your biggest potential threat? It may surprise you that it isn’t a hurricane or a fire. It isn’t even a hacker sitting in another country contemplating his next move. 

Instead, your biggest risk factor is ...

Your employees. 

According to an IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index report, 95 percent of all security incidents involve human error. What’s more, the majority of these incidents aren’t the result of hackers trying to break in from the outside. Instead, they are the result of innocent mistakes on the part of insiders … employees, people that have been given access to the system. 

Don’t believe it? Think back to the employee error in Hawaii where an insider inadvertently sent out an emergency alert of a ballistic missile threat. The alert stated it wasn’t a drill, and sent over a million people into panic mode. 

Employees put your data at risk in many ways. 

It might be human error - it’s merely an accident your data is impacted. 

It might be malicious intent - they purposefully delete or damage data for revenge. 

It might be noncompliance - they don’t follow or understand the rules, or simply don’t care.

The why isn’t important. The only thing that matters to your business is the outcome. If and when a data breach happens, how prepared are you to get everything up and running in the shortest time possible?

It takes a complex set of systems to restore your data to where you were before. You can’t hire a guy off the streets to step in at the peak of an emergency and expect it all to work. 

Do you have that system in place?

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