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Creating Multiple Environments To Remain HIPAA Compliant

There are many reasons it makes sense to add a public cloud environment to your business. Especially in a busy location, visitors, patients, and guests might demand it.

Unfortunately, being in the medical industry, you have a big hurdle to overcome before you implement: HIPAA.

HIPAA regulates how access points and data protection services are handled for protecting sensitive personal health information.

Preparing For The Future Direction Of eHealth

What does the future of healthcare look like?

It takes little imagination to see technology integrated into every step of the process. In fact, we add a bit more to it each day. No matter what capacity you enter the system, whether as a patient or as the head of a large medical practice, eHealth is being implemented as:

Electronic Health Records - enables easy communication between different healthcare professionals

Lifetime Health Records - full aggregation of individual electronic health records capturing population-based tracking to both predict and anticipate future events

Telehealth - includes all types of physical and psychological remote monitoring that does not require a patient to travel to see a specialist

Public Health Education - complex media channels that allow citizens to stay informed on a variety of health and medical related topics

Virtual Healthcare Teams - healthcare professionals who collaborate and share information on patients and events

And of course, this is just a start.

How To Embrace The Power Of Data

Have you ever thought about how much data exists in the world?

Have you ever thought about how much data is created on an average day?

The statistics are staggering, especially when you consider how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. For example, according to Forbes:

By 2020, over 6.1 billion smartphone users will exist throughout the world
By 2020, there will be over 50 billion smart devices developed to collect, analyze and share data
In 2015, over 1 trillion photos were taken, and billions of them were shared online
In 2017, over 80 percent of all photos will be taken with smart technology
Every single minute of the day, over 500 new websites are developed
We perform more than 40,000 search queries a second on Google alone
The total volume of data that the industry captures and stores doubles every 1.2 years

What do we do with that much data? How can we possibly use it to our advantage?

Big Data is a concept that seems to be popping up everywhere in the business world, no matter what industry you’re in.