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Ransomware Is Rising – Are You Prepared?

Why did you get into the business you’re in today?

To help people
To make a difference
To change the world

We all have something inside that pushes us into our careers. We stay with a job for what it brings to our lives.

Yet unless you’re in IT and love digging into code, chances are you’ve never had a desire to deal with the problems that security breaches present.

Adopting a Multi-Cloud Strategy? How’s That Working For You?

Using multiple cloud providers to operate your practice is no longer optional; it’s required for sound business practices. Instead of bringing everything in-house, it makes more sense to use cloud-based solutions to help you through your busy days.

A HIMSS Analytics survey found that 83 percent of healthcare practices already use cloud-based services regularly, with 35 percent of them using a multi-service platform for at least half of their data and infrastructure.

The Challenge of IoMT Security

IoMT is an extension of IoT, or the Internet of Things. IoMT stands for Internet of Medical Things, also known as healthcare IoT, and is a collection of medical devices that connect healthcare IT systems through online networks.

If medical devices are equipped with Wi-Fi, and allow machine-to-machine communication, that is IoMT. IoMT devices link to cloud-based platforms that allow data to be stored and analyzed.