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How To Keep VoIP Safe and Secure

Security is something on everyone’s minds these days. And there are a lot of ways hackers and malicious behavior can impact your practice.

Increasing the complexity of your EHRs? PHI can be one of the most vulnerable systems you have.

Implementing smart medical devices into your practice? Be sure to update regularly to ensure hackers can’t get in.

3 Steps To Grow Leadership From Within During Turbulent Times

The medical industry as a whole can be a stressful environment. Add in a pandemic, and things move to entirely new levels.

For leadership, that means gaining skills they’ve never needed before. Skills that are changing at warp speed.

A recent Deloitte survey found that:

88 percent of respondents stated advances in technology are their greatest challenge, followed by changes in policy and regulatory activity.

Creating Multiple Environments To Remain HIPAA Compliant

There are many reasons it makes sense to add a public cloud environment to your business. Especially in a busy location, visitors, patients, and guests might demand it.

Unfortunately, being in the medical industry, you have a big hurdle to overcome before you implement: HIPAA.

HIPAA regulates how access points and data protection services are handled for protecting sensitive personal health information.

Revamping Your IT Strategy

How did you implement your IT strategy into your business model?

Did you buy a few computers because you needed them, and invest in a few programs because they made sense for building your practice? That’s where most people start. They fall into a way of doing business rather than thinking and planning it out.