How Contingent IT Keeps Your Care Center Ahead of the Curve

What if someone told you we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century, but twenty thousand years of progress? It’s an exciting concept … or terrifying.

How will you keep up with the changes that are about to occur? Will you be prepared for technological advances, or will they hold you back?

Do you have the staff necessary for the change that’s about to occur?

If not, it might be time to consider contingent IT.

What contingent IT brings

Contingent IT can bring specialized skills and expertise to contribute their knowledge and capabilities to address specific needs. It allows you to top into experience that would be difficult to get in other circumstances.

Rapid innovation is just one of the drivers. Contingent workers provide access to niche skills on demand. Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your overall system, or automate a portion of your organization. You want the best of what technology can bring without having to find the staff.

Or maybe flexibility is the key. Your primary goal is personalized care. You want the best for your patients, and it requires you to invest in quality medical professionals. To do so, your technology requirements change daily, with fluctuating demands that must adapt to different situations. Contingent IT allows you to scale the workforce without the overhead required with permanent hires. You get the talent you need when you need it, and can expand accordingly.

Are you starting to see the benefits? While there are many reasons why contingent IT might be right for you, the biggest reasons include:


When was the last time you got stuck on an IT problem? Maybe it took hours - days - of research to find a solution. Or you pushed a project to the backburner, not sure how you’d find time for implementation. Having a team to call and find a solution means you can move forward in a bigger way.


Digital transformation can be a complex process. You know it should be strategic, well-planned, and carefully implemented. Yet your planning in the past has been shaky at best. There’s no set transformation plan that works for every organization. It should be adjusted to fit your particular needs. Contingent IT can provide invaluable insight to bring expertise that cuts the learning curve exponentially.


Healthcare has the added burden of ensuring every strategy is crafted with compliance in mind. That means not just any contingent IT expert will do - without medical experience, they may miss crucial guidelines that could leave your organization vulnerable. However, with the right team on board, a contingent professional service can provide efficient solutions that ensure any digital transformation effort improves every aspect of your organization.

Responsiveness, transformation, compliance - that’s something any organization can use a little more of. It can be the difference between growing a healthy care facility that works efficiently, and one that struggles to survive.

What’s your plan? Which direction are you heading? Maybe it’s time we talked.

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