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How To Improve Customer Satisfaction With Everyday Technology

As the head of a company, customer satisfaction is your top priority. Yet with so many contact points throughout the process, perfecting every piece can be a challenge.

To ensure customer satisfaction, you need to attract the right potential clients, gain their trust, provide them with a high level of service, and finally be there for any comments or questions that may arise throughout the process, even long after the sale has been made.

How Small Practices Benefit From Electronic Health Records

Is there such a thing as being too small to benefit from technology? If you run a small medical practice, at what size will you begin to reap the largest paybacks?

Study after study are showing the benefits of using electronic health records (EHRs) instead of its paper record predecessor are many:

It improves health practice efficiencies and can offer substantial cost savings
It improves coordination of patient care
It improves accuracy of diagnoses and potential outcomes
It provides patient access to participate in their own care

And its not just the large practices that will benefit.