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Is Your Firmware Killing Your Practice?

All around you, firmware is helping you build your practice, and get things done.

Firmware is the permanent software programmed into read-only memory of many of the devices you use everyday.

It’s in the code of your printer
It’s in the software controlling the heart defibrillator in your patient room
It’s in the design of your virtual personal assistant, the one you talk to every day, the one who listens to everything you say

It goes beyond that.

5 Easy Ways To Assess Cloud-Based Capabilities

Healthcare organizations are aggressively changing out expensive, outdated systems in favor of more flexible cloud-based applications. It just makes good business sense. Often, you get a far better product at a fraction of the price. And because you’re partnering with a third-party service, you don’t have the same stringent security issues you once faced when everything was in-house.