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Is That Video HIPAA Compliant?

Is That Video HIPAA Compliant?

Video is becoming a big part of our lives.

  • We post short clips on our social media feeds.
  • We store live data in our security systems.
  • We use telehealth practices to meet with patients.
  • We market our practices with stories and information.

Is all of that data HIPAA compliant?

Understanding HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires all healthcare organizations and practices to ensure the privacy of their patient’s protected health information (PHI). At all times, no matter what type of information is gathered, healthcare providers must ensure personal data covered by HIPAA isn’t released or compromised without proper approval.

That means if it includes PHI, every video is fully protected. But what does proper protection really mean?

From happy clients to patient visits, it all starts with consent

One of the best ways to stay in compliance at all times is through consent. Does your documentation discuss your policies? Do you fully inform your clientele about everything you do?

People use their cameras in many ways. They take photos to document their surroundings. They video to both remember and record what’s happening in the present. What happens if that data goes live? What if someone on your team posts to their Facebook feed?

To remain in compliance, it’s critical to have a policy that goes wide and contains every aspect of using video for documentation. Include:

  • A social media policy that provides specific guidelines for what team members can and can’t record. Have regular training sessions to remind staff of appropriate behavior with their mobile devices.
  • Telehealth guidelines to protect you and your patients. Ensure every patient is notified of proper procedures to keep their private information safe and secure.
  • Surveillance policies should cover all aspects of security. From public areas to private rooms, the only way to ensure you’re keeping data safe is to understand how it fits into HIPAA compliance. To avoid a potential problem, fully understand the implications first.

Video is no longer sidelined. It’s a normal part of our routine. Technology has made the way we move, act, and think on a new level of daily living.

The only way to ensure private information stays private is to create a plan that keeps you covered in every way. What’s your security risk? How will it reduce it? How will you remain in compliance?

Start with a strategy, and stay safe.

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