The Cost of Hiring The Wrong IT Staff

The Cost of Hiring The Wrong IT Staff

Want to make sure your IT department runs smoothly? Maybe it’s time to hire someone new. 

Or is that the best use of your time and money?

According to an article in Forbes, the cost of onboarding a new employee can run about $240,000. The US Department of Labor states that the price of a bad hire will cost at least 30 percent of the employee’s first year earnings.

If you’re a small practice, that can be a serious threat to your bottom line. 

Maybe it’s time to come up with another strategy. 

Maybe it’s time to use a third-party for help instead. 

Having a contingency IT department means you get the expertise you are looking for, without the costs associated with bringing a new employee on the payroll. You get the tools and resources you need for a proper IT strategy without the risk that comes from hiring the wrong employees for the job. 

You can get the top talent in the industry, without having to hire and keep someone trained. 

And that’s where the real benefits are. 

An article from a manager at Cisco reported that half of all CEOs expect digital technology to transform their industries in the coming years. Yet only 16 percent feel they have the right talent on staff to make that happen.

With the speed of which technology is changing, how do you know who to hire? How do you keep them properly trained? 

With a contingent IT workforce, that’s no longer your problem.

Instead of taking on a permanent hire, one that comes with a variety of costs such as health benefits, training, vacations, tax contributions, pension funding, sick leave, holidays, workers compensation, and more, you simply partner with a resource that provides you with the services you need most. 

Partnering with an outsourced IT provider gives your practice access to highly skilled and specialized experts who have the knowledge and resources to ensure your IT strategy is the best it can be. 

Ready to learn more about what a contingent IT program could do to revolutionize your processes?

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