The Challenge In Finding The Right Cybersecurity Team Member

Let’s talk about your cybersecurity team for a moment. Who do you have in place working to keep your data safe and secure? Are they trained to meet today’s demands? Are they doing a competent job?

According to an ESG report The Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals 2018, nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of respondents stated that cybersecurity skills shortage has impacted their organizations. This number has risen from 70 percent from the previous year, 69 percent from two years before.

What happens when an organization has a shortage of cybersecurity skills?

They don’t have the staff to handle the workload. What work there is has to be done, so it’s piled onto the team members currently in place. It quickly turns into a “fire” approach to getting things done.

They have a staff that isn’t adequately trained. Can you really send team members to the latest training when so much work needs to be done? Who is in charge of learning new technology? Who is in charge of ensuring compliance? These organizations often are quick to make purchasing decisions, awed by “shiny objects” and “bells and whistles.” Then they don’t have the time or resources to ensure it’s working correctly, offering the coverage as promised.

They train the wrong people. Why can’t Dave in accounting learn the skills necessary to ensure compliance or security? He’s always had an interest in technology. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too familiar in many organizations. Cybersecurity falls to junior team members who “express an interest” and appear to have some background in security. This is often a band-aid approach, leaving gaping holes that call out to criminal behavior.

They hire IT staff for the wrong reasons. When some companies think IT, they immediately go to upgrading technology. They want someone who can help them build stronger systems, be more efficient in their processes, and create better applications for growth. They forget that along with new technology comes new risks. An IT staff hired solely to upgrade technology is missing a crucial step.

See yourself in any of these scenarios?

The problem won’t go away by ignoring it. It just leaves you more vulnerable.

Addressing these challenges starts by looking beyond your own staff for the answers. It comes by finding the right team for the job.

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