Is There A Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Cameras?

Video surveillance is an important part of any home security system. They add an extra layer of security, and provide an added level of peace of mind.

But adding video surveillance isn’t as easy as selecting the first camera equipment you find. It can be difficult to know which cameras best suit your needs. And there is a difference between indoor and outdoor cameras; selecting the wrong one won’t provide the proper coverage your home needs.

The primary distinction between indoor and outdoor security cameras is the ability to withstand harsher external elements. While both types of cameras usually come with similar styles and internal features, outdoor cameras need to be able to contend with the harshest winter days, the hottest summer days, and varying light conditions.

Outdoor cameras are also more vulnerable to being tampered with, so they are typically made from more durable materials, possibly housed in a casing that discourages easy break-ins or removal.

Indoor cameras are smaller, more lightweight, and are usually far less intrusive than their bulkier outdoor counterparts. Both indoor and outdoor cameras utilize features like infrared, allowing for clear pictures even in low light situations. They can easily transition when there is a sudden change in lighting conditions, and automatically go from color in daylight to black and white as it darkens.

Dome cameras are also popular in both indoor and outdoor settings in order to keep visitors from knowing exactly where the lens is pointed. This keeps people from easily hiding just out of range, and makes a potential burglar think twice before moving forward.

Keep in mind that in most cases, hidden cameras are better off in indoor applications, where they are designed in such a way as to be hidden in common household items. Concealing a camera outside means selecting a small camera that isn’t designed for outdoor use, and therefore is more susceptible to weather elements.

In order to ensure you have the right camera setup for your situation, connect with a security technician to find out your best options.