3 Ways To Make Your Practice a Little More Tech Savvy

3 Ways To Make Your Practice a Little More Tech Savvy

How do your patients find you? Do they search for you online? 

What do they want from your practice? Would increasing your technology make a difference … and set you apart from your competition?

Many medical practitioners say their biggest source of new clients comes from referrals. They use that as their excuse for not updating and creating dynamic web presences. Little do they know that if they spent more time upgrading and focusing in on their online experience, they might have an even better way of attracting and keeping high-quality patients. 

Your patients are tech savvy. If your ideal client is a twenty or thirty-something, you already know their phones are an extension of who they are. But even the over 65 population is gaining all the time. In 2017, a study showed four in ten seniors now own smartphones, up more than 50 percent since 2013. They also have adapted to the internet being a way of life, with more than 67 percent of all seniors going online on a regular basis.

With a little imagination, you can improve your practice by utilizing today’s technology in a variety of ways. Use tablets for check-in? It’s a great way to ensure correct information is input directly from the patient. Showcase procedures and helpful tips in your patient rooms? With smart monitors, you can provide access to unlimited supplies of content, graphics, and videos, all designed to help you educate and connect with your patients on a deeper level. 

Sounds good, right? But where should you start?

Your Website

For many practitioners, a website is more of a “put it up because I have to” rather than contemplating how it can help you. If your website is just a brochure, you’re wasting opportunity. Most people head online to do their research before committing to anything. The longer they stay on your site, the more opportunity you have to draw them in and convert them into a paying client. The best in the business also realize it’s not just about your website anymore; they utilize social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too. When was the last time you thought about your online presence?

Your Waiting Area

Walking into a room with worn out furniture, a stack of old magazines, and a bunch of paper folders behind the greeter’s desk can send some running away, feeling like they just stepped into the twilight zone. Tech-savvy practices fill their waiting rooms instead with patient-focused content on flat screen televisions or iPads. You can intermix education and testimonials promoting all kinds of products and services. You can even customize it for specific types of clientele. 

Your Exam Room

When patients step into an exam room, it can be an intimidating experience. Why not use technology to help them relax? It can be as simple as allowing them to customize the background noise. Or as complex as having multidimensional training tools to help educate patients on steps and procedures. 

The key with technology is thinking outside of the box. What can you do to make what you do even better? If you can think it, technology can make it happen. Create a fun, safe experience for everyone in your business. You’ll love the results. 

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