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Why Mobile Credentials Are Important to a Growing Practice

Why Mobile Credentials Are Important to a Growing Practice

Remember when you needed separate keys or cards for everything you did? You kept keys on a keyring, or cards in a wallet, pulling each out depending on where you were and where you were going.

But wallets and keyrings can be lost or misplaced. Depending on your lifestyle, you could end up with a pocketful of entry tools, one each for every single thing you needed access to.

Enter mobile credentials.

When smartphones were introduced, they quickly became the go-to for everything we do. So much more than a phone, we use it to shop, track, research, store, and manage.

A mobile credential is a digital access that sits on your smartphone and provides you with a trusted identity - a unique number ID - that allows entry to a controlled area. Where ID badges, fobs, or cards can be easily stolen, copied, and cloned, mobile credentials can provide an extra layer of security and reduce potential breaches. Mobile credentials can help you:

Increase security

As a healthcare provider, your role involves taking on a variety of tasks throughout the day. Entering various rooms throughout the facility, accessing patient records, printing out documents, scheduling platforms - most tasks require logging in to gain access, then logging back out before you leave the location. Instead of requiring various tools, a tap of a smartphone can connect and gain access to online and physical resources. Depending on the tools you use, you can even create visitor credentials, which you can send out ahead of time to give patients and vendors the temporary access they need.

Create cost-effective security measures

By moving access to smart devices, you eliminate the need for managing plastic badges, printers, ink, storage facilities, and the labor costs associated with managing these tools. Mobile credentials provide a customizable method that allows you to control everything from an online resource. You’ll also have a trackable system that makes all actions more visible, and helps ensure people only access what they truly need to complete their tasks.

Move to contactless systems

The pandemic has increased awareness of what we touch and how it may impact health. Contactless systems are growing in popularity as a way of alleviating the spread of disease. Mobile credentials can provide access control and other security features accessible through what people already carry with them daily. No need for badges and check-in systems individuals have to touch, and you have to sanitize.

While using smart devices for access can offer cost savings and better security measures, many organizations need a hybrid system that still offers smart cards as well as mobile credentials. That gives flexibility to ensure everyone in your practice - employees, vendors, and patients - can gain access to what they need quickly and without frustration.

As we move to heightened security, and demand better controls with everything we do, mobile credentials are just one resource that can help you grow a safer, better practice.

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