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Security is the number one threat to online business operations. Virus's, hacking, data integrity and unexpected technological failures are real concerns.

Silver Lining Technologies takes these risks seriously. We offer private virtual data centers, where data is stored remotely in the cloud, which prevents data breaches from stolen or lost devices. By partnering with us you are leveraging our expertise in these areas and are assured that we will stay up to date and knowledgeable on all trends and regulations. If your devices are destroyed in a disaster, all your data still resides in the cloud, stored in multiple data centers.

The Benefit

Our high level expertise will insure all aspects of your IT strategy are designed and actionable.

Business Continuity


We will help you to create a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan as appropriate, so when the worst happens your business will survive.



We offer a service to monitor your servers, applications and networks. We’ll notify you of vulnerabilities and recommendations for remediation or, you can engage us to maintain systems so they are always current and optimally secure.

IT Security Training


No matter how much technology is invested in security, without adequate training your organization is still vulnerable. Human factor is always key.

The Offer

Silver Linings helps identify the potential impact of a disruption to your business’s critical processes. A risk assessment identifies internal and external situations that could negatively impact them. It also attempts to quantify the potential severity of such events and the likelihood of them occurring.

In addition to our state of the art security services, we ensure your business is in compliance with the new difficult regulatory requirements governing finance and healthcare industries to secure frameworks. In using a partnership you are leveraging our expertise in these areas and the assurance that we will stay up to date and knowledgeable on all trends and regulations.

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