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Part Time Support, Full Time Technological Success

Part Time Support, Full Time Technological Success

As a healthcare provider, you have a full array of activities to fill your days.

  • Seeing patients
  • Consulting with peers
  • Interacting with employees
  • Handling daily tasks
  • Dealing with immediate problems
  • Staying up to date with guidelines and regulations

Have you ever felt like you’re handling a 24-hour job in just 8 hours?

Now add in technology. Most small to medium-sized practices thirst for strategic leadership, yet don’t have the resources to bring a technological expert onto their staff. Planning for the future rather than guessing (or worse, reacting) sounds divine. But who can afford a technology team?

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to get top-notch direction without having to write up a new job description, hire a new staff member, or worry about keeping them up to date. You know you need a technological transformation, but have no idea where to begin.

How do you hire someone when you aren’t even sure what you need?

Enter fractional technological support. It’s the perfect way to bring in expert help to keep IT systems and processes in alignment while you focus on the growth of your practice. It helps you analyze the best technological tools on the market, and ensure you select wisely to meet your goals and needs.

When does fractional technological support make sense?

Even thinking about a technical support team is often the last thing on a busy practice’s plan. You’re there to take care of patients and grow the practice, not spend your money on a CIO.

A lot of that stems from not truly understanding the role. When any practice starts asking “How can we grow?” or “How can we better serve our patients?”  few have technology pop up high on the wish list. Yet technology encompasses almost every answer.

Improving technology can help you automate, ensuring patients and employees are better informed. Improving technology can help with efficiencies, meaning less redundancy. Improving technology can also help you introduce new ideas into both sides of your business - the services you offer your patients as well as the way your staff manages the business.

How do you find the support you need? 

This often stems from not knowing what you don’t know. How do you look for something if you’re not even aware it exists?

Luckily, the best way to move forward is to start with something small. Look for a way to cut costs.

Are you using old technology that you know isn’t efficient, but you aren’t sure what to do?

Have you read about integrating something like VoIP into your practice to improve efficiencies, yet you’ve never made it a priority?

Are you piecemealing a telehealth practice together, yet in the back of your mind, you know it’s operating on little more than a wing and a prayer?

Now that you have your starting point, it’s time to do something about it. Even one small change can have a lasting impact on your ROI.

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