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It’s Time To Define Your Technology Strategy

It’s Time To Define Your Technology Strategy

Successful organizations share a common trait of being successful planners and strategizers. Management and employees alike all share a common goal and know what it takes to get there.

Of course, you can’t have a successful organization without great customer service. To ensure the best customer service, you need employees willing to step up to the plate, and the technology to support them. That means having the right tools for the job, allowing everything to function in a user-friendly way.

What is your technology strategy?

A technology strategy defines more than what tools you have sitting throughout your office, or what programs you use to operate your practice. It also outlines which team members have responsibility for managing these technologies, and how they align with the overall goals of the business. It should incorporate where you stand today as well as project out for at least three to five years into the future.

The first step in setting up a technology strategy is to develop the right team. This includes both internal and external resources, including consultants with technical expertise. Each member should be passionate about technology, as well as have extensive knowledge within the industry.  The right team is essential to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Next, create the plan. This isn’t a do-it-once process but instead is a work-in-progress. As you define goals and objectives, changes should be made to ensure technology can meet the demands. Don’t forget to look at the underlying IT infrastructure. What’s in place, and what will you need to do to change it to meet your demands? Having an architectural roadmap can also assist in knowing when you’ll need to add and replace applications and hardware.

Prioritizing initiatives will also be an on-going process. No matter how well established your plans are, there are always “special projects” that pop up and need additional resources, both humanpower as well as financial.

The final step involves leadership management, and ensuring everyone on the team is on board. The weakest link in any program is always people. This will include creating engagement throughout your practice, and keeping communication lines open to ensure everyone supports each decision. Knowledge is critical in ensuring everything works well.

Technology is a fundamental part of any organization. Without it, you risk losing business to more sophisticated practices, or worse, becoming obsolete. What are you doing to grow your technology strategy?

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