3 Reasons Fractional CIO Is A Good Idea

Are you one of the many practices that have decided that having a CIO on staff doesn’t make sense? Maybe it’s because:

  • It’s too expensive.
  • It slows down innovation.
  • They’ll just get in the way. 

What about the risk you’re putting your business in by not having one? 

What if there was a way to get the benefits of having a full-time technology officer on staff, without building a new position into your corporate structure? 

Fractional CIO might be your answer. 

Having someone well-versed in technology matters more now than ever before. Here’s why. 

A CIO Is A Guide and a Leader

Consider how quickly technology has taken over everything in our daily lives. Thirty years ago, very few things were connected to the internet. In most offices, one desktop was sufficient for all the work that needed to be done online. Today, we have billions of devices connected to the internet, and with the help of artificial intelligence, a lot of it operates without any interaction from us. Do you understand how it all works together? A CIO does. 

IT Must Be Strategically Planned

There’s a difference between managing technology as you pull different things together, and planning for the most efficient way of doing your job. A lot of businesses find trouble because they’re attracted to the bells and whistles new technology offers them, without considering how it all interconnects to things already in place. A CIO has vision to see the big picture and what will help you move into the future effectively and securely. 

A CIO Is A Teacher

Technology and security isn’t something someone does. You can’t push it into an office and expect one person to perform every function. Because we all utilize technology every hour of the day, it’s important to have everyone understand both the risks and rewards. Are you using technology correctly and in the most beneficial way? Are you staying secure while using programs and devices? A CIO can ensure everyone understands the risks and benefits from using it in the best manner possible. 

Would bringing a CIO on board benefit you? If you’re still weighing the costs, consider fractional CIO. It’s a way of gaining all of the benefits of having a technology officer on staff, without having to go through the hiring process or having the expense of a high level employee. 

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