Want Tech-Savvy Employees? Microlearning May Be The Answer

How many things do your employees need to be proficient in to do their jobs well? They have to understand the programs you use throughout your practice. They have to understand HIPAA compliance laws. They have to keep safety and security in mind. Oh, and let’s not forget, they have to stay up to date in their areas of expertise. 

That’s a lot for anyone to take on. It’s also the reason your practice may be at risk. There are only so many hours in the day. There are only so many things a person can learn and retain. 

That’s why microlearning is increasing in popularity. 

Traditional training has two problems. One, it takes an employee away from the office for hours, even days at a time. This decreases office productivity and pulls staff away from what’s most important - patient care. Two, employees won’t retain much of the training they receive. When sitting in a classroom environment for hours, students retain very little of the information. 

Microlearning delivers new information in bite-sized units. And because they are short informational training sessions, they can easily be attended from anywhere via mobile applications.

When you have something to teach, the lessons get to the core of the issue. They will have very little impact on productivity because they can be accessed on demand when each member of your team has the time. 

But even the best training won’t matter if it isn’t used. Like everything, you’ll need a plan to ensure your staff uses and learns from your training program. There are three simple ways to supercharge your plan. 

1. Engage instead of review. Too many programs are content-driven only. If you want your staff to retain the lessons, incorporate different parts of the brain. Many applications today integrate game-like functionality into the learning process, giving people a fun way to learn and retain the information quickly. 

2. Use social interaction. Be sure you talk about and highlight some of the most critical parts of the training. You can reinforce the main ideas through discussion, and use thoughts and comments to dive deeper into the subject matter. 

3. Use interleaving. Retention increases when you learn different things in different ways. Instead of several sessions on the same topic, mix it up. Try placing one with goal setting together with a technology-driven session. The two classes will work different parts of the brain and increase usability. 

Flexibility and effectiveness are just two of the reasons people are using microlearning to enhance their practices. How could it benefit you? 

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