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Easy Ways To Be A Highly Productive Person

Easy Ways To Be A Highly Productive Person

Are you a highly productive person? Do you wonder how some people seem to get a lot more done during the day?

Productivity isn’t about how smart you are, your knowledge base, or how capable you are. Being productive is about putting certain habits into place.

What makes a person unproductive?

  • Mindset
  • Fear of failure
  • Doubt
  • Laziness
  • Poor planning
  • Procrastination

To increase your productivity, it begins by turning these unproductive behaviors around, and begin doing things in a different way.

Habit #1: Remove unimportant tasks

Our days are filled with many tasks; some important, some not so much. The problem is we often find our days filled with all sorts of tasks that don’t accomplish much of anything; yet we continue to do them because we enjoy them and we don’t find them threatening. We can surf the Internet for hours, for example, yet that may be the very thing preventing us from moving forward.

For everything you do now, ask yourself how important the task is to getting to your optimal goal. Does it help you achieve your goals? Does it create value? Is it the best use of your time? If the answer is yes, keep it in your schedule. If not, find a way to replace it with something that will benefit you more in the short term.

Habit #2: Remove your holdbacks

Throughout your day, there are many things that trap you and prevent you from getting things done. These things can include:

  • A slow computer
  • A slow internet connection
  • Unwanted phone calls
  • Constantly checking email
  • Checking in with Facebook, Twitter and other account

As you go about your daily routine, observe where your holdbacks are. How can you change it? How can you remove it? It may be something as simple as buying a new computer or upgrading your connection speed. It may take more action on your part; how about turning off your email program, and only checking it two or three times per day? While some things may seem simple to do, it can add minutes, even hours to your week.

Habit #3: Set timelines

Have you ever noticed some projects seem to take forever to complete? The work seems to go on and on, with no end in sight. Work expands to fill the time available for its completion. If a project is given unlimited time, unlimited resources, it will continue at that pace in order to fill the space.

If, however, you begin to give yourself timelines for everything you do, you’ll quickly see your rate of completion increase tenfold. Set a timeline for a project. Give yourself ample time to complete it, then stick with the schedule. If you give yourself two weeks, budget your time to make sure you stay on track. You can also do this in smaller increments. Give yourself one hour tasks. In one hour:

I will finish this client file

I will create this proposal

I will send out my newsletter

Simple intentions can allow you to focus on a higher level, and help push away distractions that normally would have held you back.

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