Does Your Practice Really Need Video Surveillance?

Some people fall in love with the idea of video surveillance. It has many benefits in a workplace setting.

Others have their doubts from the start. Is video surveillance a violation of privacy?

Wherever you stand, it’s hard to ignore that video surveillance has a place in our society.

It deters crime. Studies consistently show that people are less likely to commit crimes if they know they are being watched. When a crime does occur, the footage provides evidence and support for investigations.

It provides truth. You can’t distort clear evidence. With security cameras as evidence, it’s easier to verify claims and possibly prevent unnecessary lawsuits or insurance claims.

It improves productivity. When you know you’re being monitored, it tends to push you to get more done. Your employees are less likely to waste time knowing their actions are being monitored.

Video surveillance is great for both physical safety and security. Yet in healthcare, too much visibility can be a bad thing. Before you consider installing or upgrading your system, it’s important to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does video surveillance put PHI at risk?
  • Can video surveillance promote HIPAA violations?

How video surveillance can impact compliance

There are certain areas in a medical office where people expect a reasonable amount of privacy. You can never place cameras in bathrooms or exam rooms; in some states, break rooms are off-limits.

Yet bringing cameras into other areas can put PHI at risk. Depending on how surveillance equipment is positioned, it can place computer screens, paper charts, and other PHI resources at risk of exposure.

And that can be a HIPAA violation.

This isn’t a do-it-yourself situation. To remain in full compliance requires sensitivity, something you should depend on a reliable IT team with experience in healthcare to implement.

All employees with access to video footage should be well-versed in HIPAA regulations and be given periodic training to stay well-informed. If you have dedicated viewing stations, they also should be restricted from view to ensure safety.

Partner with IT experts with healthcare specialization

You can find security services in abundance with a simple search online. But ensuring they are well-versed in healthcare surveillance is more difficult to find.

Privacy and HIPAA compliance are vital in your daily practice. Work with an IT service that specializes in healthcare IT.

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