Make These Security Changes For HIPAA Compliance in 2023

3. 2. 1. Happy New Year! As we move into 2023, it’s time to set new business goals, update policies and procedures, and make plans for a profitable year.

HIPAA compliance is changing to keep up with evolving technologies and the migration to digital platforms. It’s not just the rules that are changing, but the entire approach to compliance. This will require a shift in your approach to ensure PHI remains secure from the moment a new patient walks in the door.

To meet new HIPAA requirements, keep these shifts in mind:

Security and privacy

This will be the year when patients have increased access to their health records, while health organizations have more requirements for response. We’ll start seeing the convergence of patient privacy and security as the lines are blurred between the two.

The Privacy and Security Rule updates give patients better access to their PHI, issuing new specifications for health organizations to safeguard privacy. A critical update gives individuals the right to access, photograph or copy, and send PHI to a third party promptly, with a maximum of 15-day turnaround.

Cybersecurity and cyberattacks

As HIPAA guidance continues to morph and change, the added guidelines increasingly revolve around employee education to ensure security for all. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, with 83 percent of organizations reporting they’ve experienced phishing attacks.

Around 15 billion spam emails are sent across the internet daily, while 30 percent of phishing emails are opened. To combat this ever-growing threat, you must train every staff member on how to safeguard against these threats. This needs to be included in onboarding, as well as ongoing training sessions throughout the year.

Remediation and response

HIPAA regulations are becoming more apparent that remedial action must be fully defined and sufficient to maintain compliance. This includes taking steps to implement operational and organizational changes necessary to create awareness of proper conduct, and procedures for when those rules are broken.

Technology is automating more of this process, but it’s up to each organization to decide the right path to follow. This is where it helps to work with security experts well-versed in this technology, to provide you with the biggest bang for the buck.

Get ready for 2023 now

To prepare for the new year, your entire staff needs to be fully aware of HIPAA compliance changes and updates. Now is the time to establish training for your team to ensure everyone is aware of the changes, and learns new strategies for remaining in compliance.

It’s your best approach to create a successful 2023.

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