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3 Steps To Grow Leadership From Within During Turbulent Times

3 Steps To Grow Leadership From Within During Turbulent Times

The medical industry as a whole can be a stressful environment. Add in a pandemic, and things move to entirely new levels.

For leadership, that means gaining skills they’ve never needed before. Skills that are changing at warp speed.

A recent Deloitte survey found that:

88 percent of respondents stated advances in technology are their greatest challenge, followed by changes in policy and regulatory activity.

Half of the executives stated transformation of digital and information technologies, cyber readiness, and economic issues topped the priority list, with emphasis on balancing digital transformation and risk preparedness.

This isn’t a one-person job. This requires leadership in all areas of your practice. It requires new skills in all departments, to ensure all facets of your business continue to grow.

The good news is a lot of practices are finding leadership talent from within. Instead of looking outside your organization for missing elements, maybe it’s time to focus on the assets you already have in place.

Cultivating leadership gives you strength in ways you’ve never discovered before. People desire to do a job and do it well. Take the time to develop a strategy to showcase what they really can do.

Start recognizing talent you have within

Employees have always been the backbone of a company. In turbulent times, it’s even more true. Instead of pigeonholing people into specific roles, take the time to dig in and find out what each is truly capable of. Do they want to grow? What are their goals? Do they have what it takes to shine as a leader? While you can do this regularly yourself, you might even hire third-party evaluators who can dig in and evaluate both the hard and soft skills of everyone on staff.

Develop your purpose

Difficult times often allow you to see your business strategy through new eyes. Are there parts of your business you like better than others? Are some areas more profitable? Are you more passionate about certain aspects? Does it make sense to grow in certain areas? In order to change, you have to see the big picture. As you develop your new growth model, involve others on your team who can help you see the next 3 to 5 years, offering even more insight. Hone in on a purpose statement and get everyone on board. When coupled with your rising stars, you may quickly see a branch forming in your business you never anticipated before.

What will it take to get there

Different strategies and goals take different resources for full implementation. Some departments may need separate accommodations to pull it all together. Create action steps that matter most, from purchasing new hardware or software to implementing learning modalities (in the field, individual coaching, or even group training.) This is your chance to bring everyone up to speed, And with virtual learning, you can find what you need from anywhere.

A final word on developing talent from within

Remember that developing new leadership takes effort and discipline. It doesn’t happen overnight, even when you see changes happening all around you at warp speed. Don’t get caught up in that overwhelming feeling of having to move quickly. Instead, create a plan and stick to your course of action. Nurture growth from within, and you’ll build strength over time.

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