Reimagining IT Strategy After COVID-19

Many companies are reinventing themselves in the middle of COVID-19. A custom framing company went into the business of producing face shields. Meals on Wheels has scaled its services by as much as 89 percent in a matter of weeks.

Anytime you change your business direction, you open yourself up to new security risks. That’s why it can take weeks - months - to bring new products and services to market, ironing out all the details before release. So what happens when you shorten the curve dramatically?

You put yourself at risk.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how resilient we can be. Instead of getting stuck in corporate bureaucracy, everyone has shifted their operating models, basing future development on clear thinking, focused team development, and rapid decision making.

Have you found your “yeses” and “no’s” flying more freely these days? Do you make instant decisions instead of putting things on the back-burner, weighing your options in days instead of weeks - or months? That’s a good thing in all areas of business these days. But don’t forget to continue them with your IT strategy.

Over the past few months, everything has changed. We’ve transformed the way we live, the way we communicate, how we do our work, how we get medical care, and how we travel from place to place. This speed of advancement has impacted every industry, across the board, and we’ve seen it most in how we’re using digital technology to help us get there faster.

That means fundamental changes now and in the future. Don’t think we’re going back. Everyone is going to demand a new way of living. It’s up to you to continue to build and do it well.

Refocus your digital efforts to reflect what patients and customers want most

This is the time to listen to everyone around you. What are your patients saying? What are your employees requesting? Yes, people will demand to be safer as they make personal contact with your organization. But that will include data too. Flow will be everything in the future. It can be frustrating re-entering information over and over again. People will notice the leaders in healthcare that make the process seamless, and those who add confusion to the mix.

Modernize technology everywhere

How many times have you passed by an upgrade, choosing to put your funding elsewhere? Modernization is key to surviving as we move beyond COVID-19. There’s a saying, “we don’t know what we don’t know.” That applies to technology now more than ever. Companies are busy creating new technology to respond to our new world. It’ll be your job as we move forward to find what fits best for your current strategy, and quickly make decisions to implement to make your business strategies even better. Don’t be afraid to invest in new technology today, even if you’ll be required to update in just a short while. Jumping in today gives you an increased knowledge base as well as a chance to be more competitive in the marketplace.

Increase speed and productivity of all digital solutions

Remember those bottlenecks before COVID-19? Face to face interaction was often the easiest way to get back on track. Without that possibility, people are demanding virtual capabilities to make up the differences, and to be available when and wherever they choose. To give people what they want, it means your digital solutions will have to deliver faster processing, utilize data-driven decision making, and accelerate delivery of all products and services. In addition, you’ll also have to make reinvention a new way of doing business, building entities that allow you to capture new opportunities as they appear.

What’s your biggest focus as we move forward after COVID-19?

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