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Making Sure Your Staff Is Digitally Trained – Upskilling For a New World

Making Sure Your Staff Is Digitally Trained – Upskilling For a New World

How many employees do you have? Are they trained and performing to the best of their abilities?

Those questions are becoming more challenging to answer. We’re blurring the lines of what work really means.

It might be standing in a room, talking with a patient. But it can also be logging in from anywhere in the world, solving a problem virtually.

Are your employees trained for all of that? Are you? Are you aware of what’s possible, giving your practice every advantage to growing in size and profits in the foreseeable future?

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to build a strategy when you really don’t know what you need. Likewise, it’s hard to hire employees when you might not understand what’s missing within your team.

In a recent survey, four out of five CEOs stated their employees’ lack of skills was a threat to their growth. Seventy-nine percent noted that the availability of key skills was in their top three concerns.

Maybe you can’t just hire the perfect person for the job - maybe they don’t exist.

A lot of your staff may potentially be able to fill in the holes. With technology, you can automate certain duties, giving them time to do something that may be more important. It’s more effective to upskill and reskill people you already have on staff, people you’ve built a relationship with, and understand their ethics and potential.

Upskilling may be part of the answer. The other part is rethinking what work needs to be done. If you teach new skill-sets to your existing employees as technology brings on new opportunities, it fills vacancies from within, allowing job positions to morph and change as specific needs are met.

But it’s more than that too. It also means getting more creative with what an employee really means. Do they need to be brought in as a paid employee? Can you hire for specific skills? Maybe a freelancing arrangement will get you exactly what you need, opening up opportunities for further growth.

As the workforce transforms, the only thing you’ll need is a good eye for what is possible. Learning is vital for you and your employees.

Because no two organizations are the same. And all are changing at warp speed.

It’s how you react to what the future holds that will matter most.

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