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The Importance Of Having A Contingency Plan In Place

The Importance Of Having A Contingency Plan In Place

What if disaster struck today?

What if a tornado picks up your building and takes it away? Or your best employee resigns and walked out the door? Or a major medical issue will keep you out of the office for the next few months? Or a hacker breaks in and takes away all of your data?

There are a lot of things that can derail your business. One business decision can change everything. Suddenly, sales aren’t coming in the way they once did. Referrals are no longer walking through your door. What are you going to do?

That’s where a contingency plan comes into play. A contingency plan is a backup plan that directs you to your next steps. It’s a crucial part of avoiding preventable risks. It’s designed to minimize the disruption your company will face when disaster occurs. It provides the steps necessary to safeguard data and other important factors of your business until you can overcome the obstacles and get back on track.

Contingency plans help you react quickly when the unthinkable happens. Instead of sitting around trying to form an idea, a plan is already in place. That means you can leave your feelings out of it while you work through recovery. Leave the emotional side of things by the wayside until you ensure your data is safe.

Contingency plans create more flexibility. By taking the time to think about the “what if’s,” you’re giving your team a chance to contemplate different futures. Sometimes that means you can react before things happen, and make better decisions to avoid future problems. For example, if HIPAA laws add more requirements, you might already have a plan for how to implement those demands.

Contingency plans also help you avoid panic. Panic often leads down even more destructive paths. You overreact without thinking. You take action without considering the consequences. And that can dig the hole deeper, and reduce your chances of recovery.

Don’t wait for disaster to occur before designing your contingency plan. The more proactive you are now, the better prepared you’ll be in the coming months and years.

It’s hard to know what you don’t know. That’s why having an expert in your corner can help you lower your risks. Are you ready to build a better contingency plan, one that can protect you from more unknowns? If so, we can help.

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