Are You Using These Free Google Tools In Your Practice?

Every once in a while, isn’t it nice to get things for free?

Of course, you have to question whether “free” is worth it. Is it high quality? Does it add value? Will it help you get the job done in the most efficient way?

Luckily, Google’s free tools offer all of that and more. 

You probably already know that Google is a lot more than a search engine. Depending on the phone you use, you might have the Google Play Store app close at hand. But if you want a few tools to help you market and operate your business, well Google can help you out there as well. 

Google Drive

While you might be using Google Drive at home, it’s also a great resource for your practice. (Just remember to stick within the guidelines of HIPAA.) You can organize all of your files, documents, and images from anywhere. And because your data won’t be stored on your hard drive, they can’t be lost or destroyed. 

While Google Drive works great from your laptop or desktop, download the app, and you can quickly peruse your files on the go. If you use Google Docs and Google Sheets, you can have access to your content anywhere you have internet access. You can also share content with other members on your team, setting the parameters to allow them to view, share, or edit. Plus you get the first 15 GB of storage for free, and an additional 100GB of data for just $1.99 a month. That makes it a viable solution for your storage needs. 

Google Alerts

Google Alerts provides you with a great way to monitor your online reputation. It can also help you stay on top of trends and keywords that may impact or influence your practice. 

You can track as many words and phrases as you desire. We suggest you start with your business name, or the names of your staff, products, or other identifiable services you offer. From there, add in concepts that can help you stay on top of trends without having to Google them periodically yourself. This gives you an easy way to monitor categories based on your industry. 

Google Insights

Websites are no longer just simple brochures. Websites have depth, with blog posts and other content that helps educate your client base. Do you know how well your website is performing?

Google Insights can help. 

This tool analyzes how your web pages are operating. You get things like page loading speed, and how well your website is performing. What makes this tool so compelling is the report it generates. It will give you suggestions on how to make your web performance that much better. 

Google Voice

Google Voice gives you flexibility in how and where you connect with clients and vendors. 

You can send or receive calls or texts from any device - your phone, tablet, or desktop. And unlike your cell phone or landline, your Google Voice is free. You can select a number using any area code, which makes it easy to stay “local” for the way you market and promote. 

You can also connect your virtual number to any mobile device or landline. That means it’s easy to take incoming calls from any location. You can choose where you want your office to be, and how you’ll answer the phone. This is a great feature if you or your staff travel or work from home on a regular basis. 

While there’s never a “one size fits all” approach to how you operate your business, it’s nice to know there are some valuable tools that are ready and waiting for you to use. If you aren’t happy with the effectiveness of your operating strategy, isn’t it time you are?

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