Securing Open Source In Your Business

Securing Open Source In Your Business

The term “open source” has been around for a long time. Chances are you use many open source programs on a daily basis in your business.

More companies are giving away their intellectual property and not only asking people to use it, but they’re also begging them to do so. If technology can be used to make the world a better place, why hide your concepts behind things like patents?

Companies like Google realize that if others use open source software, it can help drive the use of their online services. While open source can push your abilities to new levels, it’s still easy to worry on occasion what all of this is doing to your security. If anyone has access to the coding, what prevents someone from slipping something dangerous into it? Isn’t it an open window that lets anyone “walk in” whenever they choose?

Open source is a sound business decision. And there are a number of compelling reasons that makes it so.

  1. Open Source Gives More Control

Have you ever had a problem with a free online resource and spent days, weeks, or months trying to figure out a problem? There isn’t a phone number to call. Email hangs in limbo “forever.” It can make you think twice about the concept of “free.”

Because open source is open for anyone to use and modify, many of the programs you use seem to have no one in charge of product management. But they are there, just in a different format. As open source apps and libraries are adopted by thousands, new independent support is formed. “Experts” become available to help you out of any tricky situation you find yourself in. Not only can they help you solve current issues, but they can also take the user functionality of the code to an entirely different level.

  1. Open Source Increases Competition

Competition brings on more success by motivating vendors to increase functionality, make things more user-friendly, offer wider capabilities, and further the robustness of a particular program. If something exists, there are always ways to make it better.

Also, with open source, ego often comes into play. The open source community is highly competitive. Developers consistently look to make a name for themselves to further their own careers. By outshining each other, customizing, innovating, and improving existing code, they can showcase their talents to the community.

  1. Open Source Increases Security

What makes open source more competitive is also what makes it more secure. Because unlimited people have access to it, checks and balances exist in every way. Open source means open transparency. Validation occurs throughout the process by having the best minds in the industry ensuring patches are in place and minimizing back doors that make programs vulnerable.

If you select open source that is valued throughout the community and is used on a regular basis in the industry, you can be ensured that the code is high quality. The number of users and developers ensures this is so.

Gone are the days where only the biggest and more lucrative companies have access to the best working platforms. With open source, anyone can compete at any level they choose. Today everyone has access to the best in the business. The only question is, how will they use it.

How are you using open source in your business?

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