Are You Ready For Internet Disruption?

Are You Ready For Internet Disruption?

A recent Internet Disruption research study revealed that a vast majority of companies had experienced some form of Internet disruption over the past year.

An Internet disruption can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s merely a slight inconvenience; something you deal with until the connection is restored. For others, it can mean the end of business as they know it. It can cripple both what the customer experiences and the productivity of the employees within the company at such extreme levels, business can cease, and reputations can be destroyed beyond repair.

Of course, most Internet disruptions fall somewhere in between.

What is considered “a long time” in today’s world? How long do you wait for a search result before you click on another option? Five seconds? Ten?

The Internet Disruption study found that the average mean time to resolution took an entire business day. And if the issue was outside of the businesses control (which is the majority of such issues,) the mean resolution time took up to 17 percent longer.

Digital resilience means having the capacity to deal effectively with changes and threats that present them in the digital world, with the ability to quickly recover from challenges or difficulties, and even withstand stress and catastrophe. Yet very few companies have a strong digital resilience program in place.

A digital resilience program is designed to give senior management teams the opportunity to set and clarify expectations for how employees will help to identify and protect the most important information assets they own.

What needs securing in your organization? Have you taken the time to clearly define what you are trying to protect? An attacker looks for weaknesses. They look for backdoors that give them ins for creating the most damage possible.

It’s easy to believe security is in place because you have one platform blocked off from the world. But if you haven’t taken the time to prioritize your business risks and establish mechanisms to step up security, you could be at risk. Business process controls, IT controls, and cybersecurity controls all work together, and are no longer an option.

If you focus on one while leaving weaknesses with another, you may find yourself under attack.

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