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On-Site Security Cameras – More Important Than Ever As The World Changes

On-Site Security Cameras – More Important Than Ever As The World Changes

In Washington State, a new law was recently passed, creating guidelines around facial recognition software. While there’s much debate on how this will meet the public’s needs, this is just the start of things to come.

There are also stories from across the globe of companies using AI and infrared technology to detect the health status of workers on the job. Does it work? Is it legal? How will it be implemented in the future?

With each new law, it’s easy to see how our world is changing. They impact the way you secure your patients and staff too.

When was the last time you thought about your security cameras? Do they still meet all of your needs?

Meeting regulations and guidelines

You can buy security cameras from a variety of places, including do-it-yourself models you can install yourself. Yet it doesn’t take more than a Google search to realize just how lax in security some of these systems are. And that’s just to watch over your home; think they meet HIPAA requirements? If you use a security camera in your practice, make sure it meets all the elements of HIPAA regulation to keep you and your patients safe.


While you might not care if your security camera assesses a team member’s health, are you aware of all the technology they can bring to your practice? Security cameras today can do more than focus on a spot and record who enters. Many security companies make a variety of additional components available, giving you options with both software and hardware to help with your daily needs.


Still living with a local storage system? Why not move to the cloud. Do your cameras need different functionality, from withstanding weather outside, to privacy issues inside? Today’s security systems are no longer just about recording. In many cases, they can be tools used for functioning throughout the day. How about remote access? How long are you storing the feed?

And more importantly, when was the last time you answered any of these questions?

Security is changing at warp speed. Between new laws and new working arrangements, the new frontier will impact your business every day as we move forward.

Will you be ready?

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