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Privacy and Blockchain Technology – Does It Exist In Healthcare?

Think back for a moment about your life in the healthcare system. Over the years, you’ve visited a lot of different medical practitioners for a variety of different things. You’ve seen:

A general practitioner for general care
Specialists for specific problems along the way
An x-ray technician when you thought you broke your ankle
The lab when your doctor requested blood work
A pharmacist to pick up your medication
An ob-gyn when you started your family

In and out you’ve weaved through medical facilities and doctors offices as you worked hard to stay as healthy as possible.

Data Center + Growing Security Threats = Challenges

IT teams have a lot of challenges on their hands today. But I don’t have to tell you that. You’re battling them all the time.

What makes it even more strenuous is the speed at which new technology is being developed. Has your organization adopted AI? Or how about the Internet of Things: Are your medical devices becoming smarter every day?

The average healthcare organization now uses more than 900 different cloud-based services throughout their practice.