When Your Security Approach Reaches Tool Sprawl

One five-minute search online can reveal a plethora of opportunities. Google words like “security” or “compliance” or “cloud-based,” and you’ll quickly fall down a rabbit hole filled with potential.

Invest in this software. No wait, give this one a try. 

Reading through each company's pitches makes you want each of them. So you buy, install, and still have holes in your security.

What’s a person to do?

If you’ve found yourself in this situation one too many times, you might have a complicated network of cloud-based applications, all performing one piece of a gigantic puzzle. Each tool alone offered something that enticed you to buy. But now that you have an entire network of them, you aren’t sure what to do.

Welcome to tool sprawl, the process of investing in a range of products that don’t help you be more efficient, but instead create more challenges on a daily basis.

This doesn’t happen overnight. It slowly creeps up on you until one day you find yourself scratching your head, wondering how you fix this growing problem. Here’s what you need to know.

Tool sprawl is costing you money. With each new system you buy, it means more money going out trying to fix a problem. What often could be handled by one complete system is now bandaged together, producing a less effective approach.

Tool sprawl increases training expenses. Each new system means more training time for your employees. It also means more standards written into your office policies and procedures.

Tool sprawl also means missed opportunities. By using each system for one feature only, you might be missing some of the best security features a product offers. Security could literally be under your nose, and you’re not using it as intended.

The first step is recognizing it’s in place within your organization.

The second step is to do something about it.

Clearly identify the coverage area within your organization. Evaluate what security functions are needed before researching any security tool. If you don’t understand all endpoints and components of your IT infrastructure, it’s important to hire a specialist who does.

Take a platform-based approach to leverage your security. Layered security services will offer you your most extensive coverage, giving you a more seamless technology integration approach.

Understand your weaknesses and find solutions to plug the holes. Using zero trust tactics will allow you to build a more robust network of tools that keep you safer from both internal and external risks.

Too many security strategies can increase your risk of tool sprawl. With a more simplified, unified platform, it’s your best tactic to protect yourself from harmful breaches.

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