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3 Ways To Manage Your Data Safer and Smarter This Year

3 Ways To Manage Your Data Safer and Smarter This Year

A massive switch happened in 2020. Chances are you saw every aspect of your business change in just a few short months.

Have you implemented new services, added contactless systems, even allowed more opportunities for employees to work from home? Welcome to the new way of doing business.

While we have no idea what the future holds, we do know that people’s perceptions and preferences have changed forever. We’re not going back to living the way we used to. A Gartner survey revealed that nearly three out of four CFOs anticipate moving at least 5 percent of previously on-site employees permanently to remote positions. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed plan to keep at least 20 percent of their workforce out of the office post-pandemic.

But what does that really mean for the average business? Data is everything today, no matter what niche or field you’re in. Without it, your business would dry up quickly. That makes it one of the most valuable assets … to you and potential hackers.

Secure data as ransomware increases with a vengeance

If you haven’t been touched by fraud in some aspect over the past year, consider yourself lucky. The first half of 2020 saw a 35 percent increase in total attack volume when compared to the second half of 2019. On a personal side, 1 in 15 people became victims of identity fraud in 2019, with that number rising thanks to COVID related issues in 2020.

Secure networks were easier to create when it resided in one location, under one roof. That becomes more difficult when people login from remote locations, potentially around the world. Cloud and SaaS adoption will be more critical than ever, meaning you’re going to have to pay attention to securing critical endpoints and be vigilant in creating a strong security posture. Ongoing training will be mandatory if you hope to defend against rising threats.

It’s time to reassess your security strategies

Even if you updated your security strategies just a few short months ago, they may already be archaic and out-of-date. Hackers focus on finding weaknesses in a system. Once in, the damage can be a major threat to your very existence.

Adaption is the key to survival as we move forward. As new breaches are uncovered, new strategies must be put into place to ensure a safe work environment. That means it’s up to you to ensure your data is safe at all costs, and that can be a little unnerving to small practices without IT departments.

Luckily, you don’t need an IT department to keep your data safe. A fractional CIO service can provide you everything you need. This allows you to grow with all the benefits of a well-trained CIO on staff without having to pay the big bucks to keep them on the payroll.

Security will have a bigger role in every business model

Many small and medium-sized practices consider themselves too small to have major IT needs. They buy technology as the need arises, upgrade without rhyme or reason, and select software and applications often based on the bells and whistles of the programs. Security is almost always an afterthought.

No more. Systems security can no longer afford to take a backseat. With a playing field growing and changing as fast as our current environment is, safety needs to move front and center to protect your business as it grows.

Having a plan - any plan - is better than nothing at all. Start anywhere, but start today. It’ll allow you to see where your holes are, and begin plugging them with methods that work well for your business.

And start protecting your business, allowing it to grow to its full potential.

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