3 Easy Ways To Monitor Cloud Use By Your Employees

3 Easy Ways To Monitor Cloud Use By Your Employees

Have you ever typed up an email and sent it to the wrong person? We’ve all done it. But it can send your heart racing if the information is sent to someone that shouldn’t have access. 

Or maybe you’ve clicked, copied, shared on your mobile device. With so many apps and so little time, you open, swipe, and move on dozens of times each day. Have you ever shared something a little too private, something you wish you could take back almost as quickly as you release it? You cringe. You look desperately for an undo button. And only then do you settle in and deal with the consequences. 

If all this happens in your personal life, imagine the consequences when you release private information at work. It can expose your organization to a host of risks, including loss of data, theft, or releasing sensitive data into the wrong hands. And that can ruin your reputation, possibly even your business. 

Your employees might be doing this right now. Data could be out there in the cloud, waiting for someone to find it. 

What can you do to find this information, monitor cloud use, and cut your losses as quickly as possible? 

Use Google

Have you ever Googled yourself? How about your practice name? A patented or trademarked process? Or groups you’re affiliated with? Some of the most damaging breaches have occurred by well-meaning employees accidentally releasing sensitive information. By setting up Google Alerts, you can watch for sensitive data and see when it’s released, giving you a chance to fix it before it becomes a bigger deal.

Monitor Permissions

Every time you or an employee selects a new cloud service to operate with, it’s ITs job to ensure permissions granted reduce the chances of exposing sensitive data. Have a system in place for who gets what permission level. Conduct an audit regularly to monitor cloud use and ensure people are staying within the guidelines of what they can do and share. 

Implement a Data Loss Prevention System

The best way to stop accidental loss of data in the cloud is to prevent it from occurring. There are many data loss prevention tools that can monitor user activity and watch for attempts to access and move sensitive data. A data loss prevention system is designed to block these attempts and notify appropriate personnel before the data has a chance to leave the network. 

Are you doing all you can to monitor cloud use and keep your data safe?

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