How To Get Your Medical Practice Ready For The New Year

How To Get Your Medical Practice Ready For The New Year

What will 2019 bring? More technology? Upgraded ways of doing business? More data breaches?

Medical practices are converting old systems and programs as fast as they can. Why rely on manual when automated is faster? Why stick with paper and pen when tablets can input date easier? 

But with all of those changes comes risk. In the past years, we’ve seen:

Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage bucket making public data from over 123 million US households

Blue Cross notified almost 16,000 patients - 1 percent of its members - that their data was exposed online for months due to employee error

Macy’s confirmed that online shoppers that purchased items during a two-month time frame could have been victims of a data breach.

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Problems with technology and security hit every industry; no one is safe. 

If you’re living in today’s world, you’re at risk of becoming a victim of a data breach. 

How do you get your medical practice ready for the new year? How can you beef up your own security measures to keep your data and your practice safe?

Get Better Backup 

You’d be surprised at how many businesses rely on old backup methods. They haven’t bothered to examine the process, or where leaks might exist. If you’re operating on backup strategies from years ago, your data might be wide open to criminal behavior. 

Pay Attention to Cloud Security

Cloud computing is now the norm. Yet many people assume that because they move to cloud-based applications, security becomes “someone else’s problem.” Cloud security issues arise due to user neglect and configuration errors. Just because you’re using applications in the cloud doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have security policies and procedures in place. Improve your security policy to ensure your data remains secure. 

Get Serious About Multifactor Authentication 

We’re integrating more of our data and systems together to have a more integrated life. It just makes sense to be able to access data anytime, anywhere, and move from mobile to tablets, to desktops, and back again. But to do so, you better have multiple levels of authentication in place. 

It’s Time To Put Old Software Aside

Are you still using Windows XP? Are you using programs that no longer update or provide patches? Every day you use them puts your data more at risk. 

Create Security Awareness Training

The only way to prevent security breaches is to stay one step ahead. To keep everyone in your office on top of what security is, provide regular training to ensure they’re doing all they can do. 

Need some help getting your office ready, safe, and secure for the New Year? We can help.

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