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What Does Today’s Healthcare CIO Position Look Like?

What Does Today’s Healthcare CIO Position Look Like?

Chief Information Officer - CIO. It’s meant different things at different times since the acronym was first created. 

CIO’s initially were the people who got technology up and running. Whether you wanted emails established or another server put into place, the CIO was the go-to person to talk to. 

Slowly, they took on more responsibility. Because they understood technology, they were often tasked with “make this work” and left to their own accord to hook pieces together. Management may have made the decisions and purchases, but it was up to the CIO to piece it together. 

Today, the CIO position is no longer just about project tasks and linking hardware and software. Instead, they are leading the way for innovation, and helping all facets of a practice understand how to communicate and work together. You’ll often find the CIO and the head of IT - sometimes referred to as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - are two different people. 

It’s no longer about cleaning up the loose ends after purchases are made. The CIO is now there to evaluate and make recommendations long before final decisions are made. 

Today’s CIO:

  • Improves a practice’s value by finding and implementing the best technology
  • Evaluates a practice’s goal and objectives through strategic planning
  • Ensures every system and procedure meets goals and objectives

Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, analytics, mobile technology, the internet of things - all of this impacts strategic planning and implementation in a big way. The CIO should be far less concerned with operations and more in tune with future implementation. That makes education and training a mandatory part of the job. It’s the only way to stay one step ahead of the competition … and one step ahead of potential criminal activity. 

It may be a daunting task trying to bring a CIO into your office environment, but it doesn’t have to be. Why not consider fractional CIO, and enjoy the expertise without the commitment of a full time employee? 

It might be just the thing that gives your practice an added boost this year. 

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