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4 Tech Tips To Get Ready For 2018

4 Tech Tips To Get Ready For 2018

Busy making your New Year's resolutions and creating goals for 2018? If you haven’t slipped in a few bullet items on protecting your data, now is the time to do so.

This year has been a wild and crazy ride for hackers. Anthem settled after leaving 79 million people’s personal information wide open for hackers, Verizon confirmed that personal data of more than 6 million customers was leaked online, and who can forget the Equifax data breach that put 143 million people at risk.

While the news may have become a scary thing to pull up each morning, you’re even more at risk if you choose to do nothing about it.

Technology is going to keep changing. Hackers are going to get more clever. And if you don’t do things to thwart their advances, you may be one of the next statistics.

Many think they have to move to sophisticated platforms to prepare for the worst. But it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. In fact, just a few simple strategies can separate you from a viable target.

Backup your stuff. You’ve been told to backup your data for years. You may even have a system in place. But do you do it regularly? Does it work?

Backup your software. That includes anything that sits on your desktop, or apps that operate on your mobile devices. If it has an update, do it.

Use authentication. If an app, a program, or a site uses advanced authentication features, take the time to use them.

Have a security system in place. If we’ve learned anything from 2017, it’s that hackers are getting more sophisticated. If you aren’t staying on top of security, they’ll find a way in.

Does all that sound like too much work? Or is it familiar enough to seem … boring? That’s what keeps many at risk of being targeted. And that is going to keep increasing in the future.

Attacks will get more sophisticated. Remember the simple emails that got click-thrus some years ago? Compare them to today where even sophisticated users fall for their clever words and graphics.

Take a look at your passwords. How long have you been using them? Do you use the same for different accounts? Even at its best, passwords are a terrible security tool that we rely on because of their ease. Should you really be protecting your bank account with a simple four-digit code that’s probably your birthday?

Maybe it’s time we use things like FaceID, Apple’s advanced technology that is helping protect the newest iPhones. Facebook has upped its game for tougher security by giving you the option for increased security measures with Yubikey. Even password managers can upgrade your current plans and keep your online data safer … if you use them the right way.

What’s your plan for 2018?

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