Best Tech Gifts To Give And Receive

Not sure what gifts to give this year? You can never go wrong when you wrap up technology. We have a few ideas for every member of your family.

Google Home

The stylish Google Home smart speaker is the hot new rival to compete with Amazon’s Echo. It features the AI-powered Google Assistant, which responds to voice commands by tapping into an ultra-advanced neural network. It can play music, answer questions, set timers, and control all of your connected applinces, among other things. Ok Google.


Who says AI technology is just for adults? Cozmo is a real-life robot that has a one-of-a kind personailty that evolves the more you play with him. Powered by a sophisticated artificial intelligence, Cozmo is self-aware and is capable of recognizing its owner and expressing feelings. If you like to dig further into robotics, you can utilize a developer platform to add even more features to Cozmo. This is one gift you may buy for your kids, and find you can’t live without one too.

Roku Express

The ultra-compact Roku Express is the perfect gift for those family members who still haven’t experienced the joy of having smart TV at their fingertips. This gadget will support all major streaming services, as well a multitude of content channels.

Google Wi-Fi

Tired of dealing with spotty Internet connection? Google Wi-Fi makes connectivity easy. Network Assist is intelligent software that is built into Google Wi-Fi to provide you with the fastest possible speed. And because it adds intelligence to the process, it consistently looks for ways to optimize performance.

360 Fly Action Camera

When you can’t get enough of the action, the 360 Fly Action Camera is the perfect addition to help you capture crisp 360 degree footage with a resolution of 2,880 by 2,880 pixels. This little gadget comes with 64 GB of built-in memory, as well as a built-in gyroscope, accelerometer, smartphone app controls, and a GPS antenna, all tucked into a water-resistant shockproof body. You can connect both with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Nomad Key

The Nomad Key is the ultimate minimalist and portable charging cable. This compact, yet fully capable Lightning or Micro cable makes it easy for charging your devices on the go from any USB port.

Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

This Wi-Fi enabled LED bulb by TP-Link doesn’t require a connectivity hub, so it’s incredibly easy to use. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa devices, and provides smartphone controls using real-time tracking.

BioLite SolarPanel 5+

The SolarPanel 5+ allows you to capture sunlight and store it as power for later use in its 2200mAh onboard battery. You can power phones, tablets and ore with this ultraslim 5 watt panel. The size and the price make it a perfect addition to every backpack in your family.