Are You Using These Google Tools For Your Business?

Google has become one of the strongest brands in the world today. Imagine a day without it.

We use it to search for just about anything we can think of.

We’re increasingly using it to pay for the things we want.

We rely on it as a business marketing tool.

Yet in most cases, the average business owner has no idea just how far Google’s reach can truly go.

Google provides tools to use for anyone that has an online presence. And by using these tools, your business can influence how many new customers visit your business. It can be a game changer, especially for small or medium size businesses.

While there are many Google tools you might be aware of, there are several that you might not; tools that can quickly impact the way you do business right now.

Google Analytics

When it comes to finding out how well your website is performing online, Google Analytics is the best tool for the job. It tracks and reports visitor data using an easy to use dashboard that provides facts on a variety of website statistics, including new visitors to the site, returning visitors, how long each visitor remained on the site, which pages they viewed, and the geographical location, among other things. You can also pull reports on specific page performance, and learn more about traffic sources. Business consistently use this as a marketing tool to help them plan campaigns, and can provide lots of insight to help you change up your approach to marketing all the time. Even if you’ve used it before, you might not be using it to its full advantage.


Google My Business

The Google My Business tool is one of the most powerful programs you can use for your business. It allows you to set up how your business contact information will appear to customers that find you through Google search. Once it’s set up, your location, website, phone number, and even reviews will appear in Google search results, and will provide customer relevant information quickly. Because My Business is used across platform, it will also show up in places like Google Mobile Search and Google Maps as well. This provides consistent data anywhere, at any time.

Google+ Publisher

The Google+ Publisher tag is also another valuable tool that further enhances how your business appears in search results. Once you install the publisher tag on your website, Google will link your website to your business brand page on your Google+. When someone searches for your business in Google, the content from your Google+ will appear in its own box on the right side of the search results. This makes your business more visible, better branded, with a detailed description providing them with all of the information they need without leaving Google’s search results.

Google Trends

If you’re looking to get more results from your website and improve your SEO strategy, Google Trends is a tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. It allows you to see how frequently a term is searched so you can determine how popular it is with specific populations. Google Trends instantly creates a graph of search volume, and can base it around a variety of characteristics, including language, country, city or region, showing you how the term has evolved over time. It can also forecast how those terms will trend over time, helping you make better decisions about where to place your online marketing dollars.

See something you like? With Google tools, the possibilities are endless. And one thing is for sure, Google will keep developing and keep improving on everything they do in the coming months and years.

Do you have a question on how better to use Google tools for your business?