The Advantages of Using VoIP Technology For Your Business

Phone systems tend to be one of the things in the office that follow an “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” philosophy.

Yet today’s technology has upgraded virtually everything we do, including the way we use our office phones. With your smartphone in hand, you probably can’t imagine taking a step backward and replacing it with an old flip phone. The same concept applies to what’s available for use today using VoIP technology to operate your business communications.

VoIP – voice over Internet protocol – is a type of Internet telephone that has been in use for about a decade now. It has the ability to increase the productivity of businesses many times over.

But what makes it better than what you’re currently using? Why should you make the switch?

Makes You A Better Business

Right now, you probably use statistics and business reporting functions in many areas of your business. If you send out email marketing campaigns, do you know your response?

What about the effectiveness of your phone system?

By using VoIP, you have data on every call throughout your organization. You can:

  • View all call activity. Drill down to individual phone numbers, or track based on divisions or groups
  • Keep records of all activity, both incoming and outgoing
  • Have access to all data, including incoming call records, fax information, and more
  • Create customer reports
  • Track statistics and be able to provide historical data
  • Create customized reports for team motivation and training

This can be used to improve customer service and increase communication skills, while helping you prepare for the future.

Give You More Flexibility

The world is going mobile. That means both your customers and your employees will be accessing data from anywhere in the world.

By using VoIP, an employee can use their office phone number anywhere, at any time, keeping professionalism in place as they connect with your customer base.

VoIP integrates itself with all major software programs, including email, fax, and even video conferencing. That gives an employee accessibility to do multiple things at the same time, collaborating on a video call while working in Google Documents together for instance. As long as a venue has Internet access, you can use your system from anywhere.

Lower Costs

In many cases, you can bundle together cloud services with VoIP and Internet connectivity, making it a business system you simply can’t live without. And once installed, you’ll find even more uses that can impact the way you make daily decisions, the way you design your daily productivity.

Getting started can be overwhelming if you’re facing these decisions alone. That’s where we can help. We work with businesses just like yours, helping establish the best online services that can make your job easier and more efficient.

How can you function better using VoIP technology?