Why Firewalls Won’t Protect Your EHRs

Have you been woo’d by the latest technology that promises to be “the one?” The software program that promises to protect you from everything, or the app that will keep you safe; surely they work, don’t they?

All you have to do is look at the latest data breach to determine that isn’t the case. On average, 30 violations have been reported to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) every month this year. And that’s just what’s been reported.

The problem isn’t that these software companies haven’t produced great products. It’s simply the human factor at work.

Let’s start with your practice. You have a set budget you can spend on everything: office supplies, staff, new medical equipment, marketing, technology, and security. Every expenditure has to be weighed for its importance in your business - is it the best purchase you can make with your money?

That’s what makes you select the products and services you do. You put in the effort to find “the best.” Of course, your final purchase has a lot of positives. It may even be a great security product.

But even the best security products are infallible.

Every breach occurs with a security system in place. It’s not as if these organizations left their doors wide open. They were vested in their security process. On the surface level, they thought they were safe. And yet a breach occurred anyway.

The hacker bypassed the firewall and did what they set out to do.

Why didn’t the firewall work?

Think of a firewall as one level of defense. It’s like a fence you build around the perimeter of your data.  It can only do so much to fend off risk. If someone really wants in, they’re going to find a way.

There can also be errors with the firewall itself. Maybe it wasn’t configured correctly. Maybe there’s a flaw with the software.

Then there’s the human factor. Your staff has to be taught about the latest risk factors. Even then, they make mistakes. You can’t penalize them when it happens. You have to turn it into a learning tool.

Does your security system consider all of this?

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