Would a Security Key Help Keep Your Data Safe?

What prevents anyone from hopping into your car as it sits out in the parking lot and driving away? Locks and keys. The locks prevent someone from being able to open the door and get into your car. The key prevents the ability to start it up and drive away. In most cases, it’s a very effective criminal deterrent system. 

What if your data was protected in the same manner? 

When it comes to accessing data, ease is everything. We use apps to get where we’re going with just a click. We sign up for third-party systems without a thought if they offer the right benefits and solutions. 

But what about the security? That’s usually an afterthought. 

According to The State Of Encryption Today report by Sophos, 44 percent of surveyed organizations are using encryption extensively to secure their data, while another 43 percent use encryption in varying ways. That may sound like a vast majority, but the numbers shrink rapidly the smaller the organization. For an organization with under 500 employees, only 38 percent are encrypting extensively. And considering billions of dollars are at stake, that’s not a lot of reassurance. And that doesn’t even consider reputation.

What if you could lock the doors and protect it with a key? Would that help keep your data a little safer? 

Google thinks so. Google just announced its own brand of security key - Titan Security Keys.

One is a USB key. The other uses Bluetooth and NFC for mobile. After activating them, you keep one in a safe place, and the other stays with you. Then you use the key when logging into any browser, and when accessing and working on almost any website. 

Google has embedded software on each key to help protect against tampering. It also has firmware in place that can’t be modified, which prevents anyone from stealing your credentials just by being near you. The only way to authenticate that you are you is if you have the key. 

Every time you login to your account, you’ll be asked to put in your user and password information, along with pushing a button on the key. That’s what signals you are the rightful owner of the account. 

Which brings us to the downside. Losing the key can be a bad experience at best. That’s why keeping the two keys separate is important. While Google says it can help you if you lose access, the process can take days. That’s a long time to wait if you need your data immediately. 

Do you need a key to help protect your data? It depends on your data and your lifestyle. If you have any questions about the process, we’re here to help. 

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