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The Cloud



It has become near impossible to operate a growing business without the assistance of technology. In the absence of reliable technological structures, businesses drown in inefficiencies. Even worse, if the wrong technology or partner is in place, businesses feel chained to technology and no longer trust that there are benefits to be had with it.

It’s a different world of work. Many companies now require:

  • Work done remotely from multiple sites
  • Data in ultra secure environments
  • No disruption in technology or access to systems
  • Mobile platforms
  • Vendor agnostic workstations

The cloud offers solutions for these and other technology struggles businesses face. Whether the need is complex like a complete data center in the cloud, or a simple as cloud applications that support or monitor critical functions, there is a certainly a cloud solution that fits your needs.

The cloud can also operationalize technology expenses that are right-sized for your company's current need. Gone are the days of having to pre-purchase capacity for future growth/needs - the cloud allows you to scale on your timeline.

The Benefit

Our high level expertise will insure all aspects of your IT strategy are designed and actionable.

Mobility & Collaboration


Work can be accessed from anywhere on multiple devices.

Scalability & Cost


Reduced operational expenses offer significant savings compared to outlaying large capital costs.

Insight & Development


Accurate and valuable business analytics allows for faster and improved product development.

The Statistics

Findings from the Cloud Market Study by Forrester Research show the benefits enterprises experiences through cloud adoption:

  • icon_thecloud_graph_100 64% of cloud users found that it provided large scaling capacities
  • icon_thecloud_wrech_100 36% of users found that it modernized older applications that were key to their success
  • icon_thecloud_calendar 32% of businesses made promised software delivery dates more predictable, reliable, and transparent
  • icon_thecloud_lock 55% of businesses found that the cloud improved IT security
  • icon_thecloud_globe 30% of businesses found the cloud globalized their business processes
  • icon_thecloud_cost_100_2 44% of businesses reduced the cost of IT operations
  • icon_thecloud_desktop 44% of businesses improved the quality of the software they delivered
  • icon_thecloud_upload 46% of businesses received faster delivery of software projects
  • icon_thecloud_cost_100_2 40% of businesses reduced the cost of software projects

The Offer

Transitioning to the cloud requires a different path for each organization.

Silver Linings Technology provides seamless service that will set up and support your companies move to the cloud in three simple steps:

  1. Assess your current applications and infrastructure.
  2. Design potential scenarios for migrating to cloud infrastructure and services that minimizes the impact on business operations while maximizing existing technology investment.
  3. Execute the strategy with the flexibility to adjust the path as your business requirements change.

Once implemented, we'll continue to monitor and support your infrastructure so that you can focus on operations and strategy.

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